Walking Castañeda

(04:59 / Valentina Vargas – Federico Ramos – Eduardo Del Signore)

One day you chose me
one day we met
We walk through reality
where the raven flies
I lifted my head to look up the sky
choose only once
To be the warrior or the ordinary man
Into this magic I’m falling
Is good as life
I’m falling with you
Is good as life
like water in the rain

But the question remains silent
who’s gonna hear it now
Half moon is on the battle ground
but half is still up to you
Is good as life
take this moment now
Hold on to your dream
water falling
Love in the Sun no worries
I’m feeling the heat deep down your soul
into this motion of love
under the skies of glory
Is good as life
I know your are here
Is good as life
it is my heart baby
hold me
Is good as life
everything you dream
Let me in
let me be a part of the dream

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