Valentina was born in Santiago Chile, were she began her studies at “Camilo Henríquez Theater”.

She studied classical ballet at the National Conservatory of Santiago.

Vargas, continued her studies and development of her career in the dramatic arts in Paris, France, where she pursued her acting career enrolling herself with Tania Balaschova’s Theater Company, Yves Pignot Theater Company, Pascal Luneau’s Studio Pygmalion and later at Martha Gehman’s Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Her first film role was “Strictement personnel” directed by Pierre Jolivet, followed by Marc Simenon’s “Le Petit Docteur”, Alfredo Arias’s “Fuegos” and Ettore Scola´s “Piazza Navona”.

Vargas shot to international fame in Jean Jacques Annaud’s “The Name of the Rose” with Sean Connery and Christian Slater followed by Luc Besson´s “The Big Blue” with Rossana Arquette and Jean Reno.

Valentina Vargas worked in Gray Hofmeyer’s “Dirty Games” with Jan Michael Vincent and with cult director Sam Fuller in “Street of no Return” with Keith Carradine and Bill Duke nominated at the 1989 Cannes Festival.

She also works with Karin Howard in “The Tigress” with James Remar, Paco Lucio in “The Breath of Evil” with Alexander Kaidanovsky which wins a nomination for “best film” in San Sebastian Festival, Spain.

After that she returns to her country of origin to star on Miguel Littin`s “Los Náufragos”. Then she joins Samuel Avital`s mime school “The Silent Outcry” in Boulder, Colorado. She also worked with Kevin Yagher in “Hellraiser IV” (Bloodline) with Doug Bradley and James Becket`s “Southern Cross” with Malcolm McDowell and Michael Ironside.

Her work includes films from directors such as Tomas Gilou “Chili con carne”, Jullien Magnat, “Bloody Mallory” and “Faces in the Crowd”, Rodrigo Ortuzar`s “All Inclusive”, Cristián Jimenez, “Ilusiones Opticas” and renowned director Raúl Ruiz in “La Noche de Enfrente” with Christian Vadim.

She stars in TV series such us “Air America”, “L’été de Chloé”, “Le Caprice des Cignognes”, “Fête de Famille”, “Héroes”, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” Directed by Josée Dayan starrying Catherine Deneuve, Rupert Everett, Nastassja Kinski, among others.

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